Expressive Arts Workshops

Fun & Challenging Self Work – Conscious Community Power

Be a player of theatrical stories in circles of rhythmic music, song and dance. Liberation Arts come in many forms such as classes, parties, workshops, community celebrations, games, ceremonies, rituals, discussions, and debates.

Liberation Arts is the group art practice of the consciousness needed to manifest, identify, and direct community energy. In workshops we use stories to call attention to how foundational culture embraces personal choice & responsibility. In a dynamic process participants are called to leadership and to group actions.

It’s easy to do art and LA’s exercises keep the barrier to participation low. That said, absorbing paradigm shifts into one’s identity requires focus and discipline and that takes time. Many who participate in LA are in a long term practice of growth and community building through the arts.

Entering the Circle

Liberation Arts workshops are based on the model of the Circle. In the Circle everyone’s participation is unique and adds to the group’s experience.  Every expression influences the art being created and the lessons being learned. Leadership coordinates the process and works to share the opportunities to achieve with everyone.

Themes and content

Themes provide the focal point between improvisation and choreography. They are the storyline and guide that direct our creative manifestations, to find common ground about personal, social and political issues .

Our emotions

This type of learning can be emotional. Liberation Arts exercises our instincts and reflexes. We have emotions as part of primordial response systems. To manage in this environment we don’t take ourselves seriously. We exercise in a happy heartfelt way. Anyone at anytime can break the tension with a joke or a laugh. Group multidisciplinary improv is challenging, and we always fall back on laughter.

Lead Facilitator

Saman Dashti, artist name Macaco Nova Yolk works as an art circle celebrant in the intentional communities of central Virginia, while also partnering with organizations that build community. He teaches the Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira. He has taught to diverse groups including special needs children in the New York Public Schools, in behavioral health facilities and within socio-economically disenfranchised communities.