Folkloric Dance and Arts Workshops


Often referred to as the Dancing Martial Art, Capoeira is self defense training and also practice for the 2 person game played in a ceremony with call & response music.


This Afro-Brazilian style stick dance uses free-form, synchronized, and choreographed movements in the playful combination of physical style and athleticism. We strike patterns together in high energy team games.


Dance for sheer joy and to reflect and empower our life stories, our Samba uses the supportive structure of Afro-Brazilian Samba de Roda (circle).

Personal Growth in Community

These workshop include practices of stoic alertness , win/win disposition and strategies in the traditions of North & South American Peaceful Warrior Culture.

  • Cultures Workshops
  • The Two Worlds
  • A Community of Resistance
  • Circles of Freedom
  • Safe Spaces
  • Community Residencies
  • Wisdom Song
  • EcoVillage Arts

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