Improvisational expressive arts and the practice of aiming at perfection

Teaching to more than mind alone to change the way we live.

In Liberation Arts, learners grow as independent thinkers and empathic participants in community. 

Educators facilitate learning by extending into the material field, metaphorical settings sourced from human collective wisdom. Inside the arenas of our collective wisdom, the learning domain can grow infinitely useful. 

In LA, we are both teachers and learners at the same time.

Learning in Community  

Learning that happens in group reinforces individual personal learning gains. In the presence of elders, LA learning games improve skills that serve safe cooperation and fair competition, thereby offering learners greater safe space for each persons unique processes and pace.

Group learning also strengthens intuitive group reflexes and conscious responses. As group social-emotional identity crystalizes, and we experience the spirit of community and the energies of solidarity, we discover new powers and new agency that help create better homes, communities, and institutions.

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LA’s education director is Macaco Nova Yolk. It’s education model is built using Paulo Freire’s concept of Authentic Education in his work Pedagogy of the Oppressed.Liberation Arts structure for group improv and warrior dances are adapted from the resistance culture of the South American Quilombos; particulary from the art of Capoeira.

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LA Education is a practice to balance

 The formula looks like this: 

The [freedom to self-direct ones own life]

 balanced with 

[behaving for the welfare of one’s community]

LA games and activities engage our social-emotional decision making processes with our flight-fight-freeze responses. Music and art help us go deep to the foundational influences on our choices.  Singing in harmony is a good example of the balance we all practice together.

While all this work is occurring the learners –the children– are having the most fun, immersed (as directors and actors) in a world of their own creation.

The education of children becomes the culture of adults.