How Liberation Arts Work

Joy Art People – Art Every Day Creates Culture

In Liberation Arts there is no audience, and that is how simple gatherings become liberating culture

Liberation Arts (LA) is a mental and visceral group experience that

  • Refreshes the energy of the collective
  • Sharpens the vision and mission of individuals
  • combines a traditional cultural context with contemporary issues
  • Illuminates pathways and options that were previously obscured and subconscious

The circle is the key

The circle’s rules and norms scaffold an environment that replicates the “real world”. Then lead with thought based role play, participants live out their hopes, dreams, and fears.

As we follow stories in multiple creative dimensions and multi media, just about anything can happen. The subject of our songs and stories include anything relevant to our daily lives. We source traditional ceremonies, ancient rituals and the latest, most contemporary newest thing. Bring, sing, dance, tell a story. Welcome!

Improv theater

Leadership orchestrates group improv, and the circle runs as a theater script within which everyone performs, as actors and authors of the Choose Your Own Adventure improv act unfolding before them. Authority is passed around like a peace pipe. Challenges are manifested and are artistically and dynamically resolved.

LA is practice for life that engages us deep (down to our flight, fight, freeze). From taking the spotlight, to being just one person in an all out chorus, the practice of living to a theme song and a sound track is a powerful pathway for change based on life, liberty and love.