The Vision is Creativity in Community

Liberation Arts (LA) exist to create powerful expressive arts experiences. LA is about education that comes from warrior art cultures. In sessions, we use art to disassociate from material reality “just enough” so as to create a virtual space in which to act with “virtually” 100% freedom. Artists know and live this process and so did our ancestors. Liberation Arts is the fight in arts, it’s for the artist in everyone and for art made by everyone. Get more of an idea about use by visiting our blog. Also you can come to an event.

Artist will Bring the Answer

With the momentum and entropy of current human systems, such as the stronghold capital growth has on politics, and the difficulty legacy protest systems have in even slowing down the status quo, a new artist’s revolution has the best chance to really change people and the world.

Artist can map out the process to move from conflict oriented resolutions systems derived from an oppressor culture, to a reconciliation oriented model based on roots culture. LA is about how to rage without the tools of oppression and in the name of love.

Artist inspires passion and connection. Artist can ask Is it beautiful, what we are making?  Whose role, if not ours to take hold of and shake at the foundation of society and place it back as a kinder and gentler endeavor.

Liberation Arts are Antidotes to Oppression

Many contemporary art forms contain, as part of their process, the achievement of freedom. These arts are created by people under stress of domination. The art thus creates micro-spaces of freedom, that offset the greater reality of enslavement.

Improvisation sharpens awareness of the present moment. Present day struggles trigger memories and emotions of fear and rage, which in turn  influence the art as it is being created. What is expressed often contains high energy and aggressive sounds and movements. Benefits come from artistic expression or “release” of these energies as past suppression results in imbalance and poor health.