6 8 Percussion

A – Perfect offering

Forget your perfect offering, Just ring the bells that still can ring

there is a crack in everything thats how the light gets in

That’s how (That’s how)

The Light (The Light)

Gets in (that’s how the light gets in)

A – Step By Step

Step by Step the longest march
can be won can be won

many stones can form an arch
singley none singley non

And by union what we will
can be accomplished still

drops of water turn a mill
singely none singley none

A – Earth My Body

Earth my body, water my blood, 

air my breath & fire my spirit

What are you afraid of, what do you desire

Life is brief beyond belief

Dive into the water, walk through the fire
Breath into tomorrow, Dig for your past

A – Light is Returning

Light is returning. even thought this is the darkest hour. No one can hold back the dawn

Lets keep it burning, lets keep the light of hope alive. Make safe our journey through the storm

One planet is turning circling on her path around the sun. Earth Mother is calling her children home

Come on home children, come on home

B – Listen


lay yourself down on the rock now, let your body down in the river, Listen for the drumming on the other side, loss yourself in the mean time

listen Let your body be your guide. Let the water decide, lose yourself in the meantime

B – Jewel

Every time I go into the darkness, I return with fistfull of jewels

Midnight velvet wraps all around me. Stars glitter brillant above

Dreaming darkness dreaming light

C – Born Live and Die

Born live and die then, be born live and die then Like the Phoenix and the grain king, like the sun god and the moon queenDie and be reborn again, die and be reborn